Yosemite/Mariposa County Tourism Bureau

Located in the heart of California and home of Yosemite National Park, Mariposa County is a world class destination for all seasons. For more information, visit the Yosemite/Mariposa County Tourism Bureau at yosemite.com or call 1-866-HALF DOME

Nestled among natural monuments, vineyards, and historic Gold Rush landmarks, Mariposa County is more than just California’s gateway to Yosemite. Alive with possibility, it’s a world-class vacation spot that inspires curiosity, refreshes the soul, and reminds that you don’t need to be rich to live life to its fullest.

Mariposa County is known for its picturesque scenery, welcoming locals, outdoor recreation, and it is fast becoming the Festival Capital of California. With its sunny spring and summer and its moderate, occasionally snowy fall and winter, the area is the perfect year-round destination for people from all walks of life.

Within Mariposa County lies Yosemite National Park, known around the world for its awe-inspiring grandeur. While the park is probably best known for its breathtaking waterfalls and landmarks such as Half Dome, most people see only a fraction of its nearly 1,200 square miles within which visitors can find adventure for all ages and levels of intensity, from tranquil evening strolls and programs for kids to downhill skiing and extreme climbing.

Contact: Julie Hadzega
Email Address: julieh@yosemite.com

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5065 Hwy 140 Suite E
Mariposa, CA 95338

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PO Box 967
Mariposa, CA 95338

Phone: 209-742-4567
Website: www.yosemite.com

Yosemite/Mariposa County Tourism Bureau is a member of the Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce.

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Posted on March 28, 2016