Zip Lines

The zip-lines at Yosemite Ziplines & Adventure Ranch offers a 2 hour, six stage, guide-led tour. Groups of eight to ten people are harnessed and driven up the mountain in Polaris Rangers as their guides explain safety procedures and describe the experience the zippers are about to enjoy.

This family fun adventure begins on Line 1 which is a short and easy ride that even the faint of heart can enjoy. Line 2 increases in distance and the drop with each additional line adding to the spectacle. As zippers become more confident about the experience, Line 3 & 4 are are positioned in tandem which allows two riders to race down the mountain. Line 5 accelerates through the trees and offers the opportunity to toss a beanbag to a target, winning bragging rights if you make the bulls-eye.

Polaris Rangers carry you to the top of the mountain for stunning views Historic Mariposa – as you embark on the longest, steepest zip-line you can imagine…. Line 6. Don’t close your eyes for there are stunning views as you fly. The grand finale, Line 7, takes you through a tunnel of trees and back to ground zero where you began. Congratulations, you have now zipped 3,800 linear feet!

Beyond zip-lining, Yosemite Ziplines & Adventure Park also offers Old God Rush Mining experience for children ages 3 and up.

To reserve your spot please contact Yosemite Ziplines by telephone 209-742-4844 or visit them on the web.