What are Pokemon and Why Should I Care?


You see evidence of it everywhere. Facebook is littered with memes of these odd creatures and how they are being found out in the real world. You also see people walking around looking at their smart phones like they are using a tricorder on Star Trek. They are Pokemon Go Trainers, and the phenomenon is being seen all over the world including Mariposa County.

Do not panic, these Pokemon do nothing in our world except get trapped or battled by Pokemon Trainers who have the app. The application uses some very sophisticated technology in making Pokemon appear in real life using a smart phone’s camera. Trainers can even take pictures of the Pokemon they are trying to catch and have them in real world back drops. Think of it like a cartoon image drawn on top of a movie film or if you every painted a happy face on the lens of your camera so your video always had a smile in it, same concept.


But why should business people care? Well, you might be wondering why these people who are looking at their phones seem to be pacing back and forth in front of your store. It is because they are hunting Pokemon. More importantly, they are potential customers.

The demographics of people playing this game is highly varied. Contrary to popular belief, it is not just teens and 20 somethings playing it. Seniors are playing the game, connecting with their grandchildren through it. I’ll bet you know a few people who are playing it who are in the same demographic as you are. These people have money to spend as much as anyone else, some even more so.

The Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center is a PokeStop (a place to get necessary items like PokeBalls, potions, eggs, and so much more). In the town of Mariposa alone, there are more than 20 PokeStops. Chances are, you have one within your vicinity. PokeStops are usually historical markers and buildings (which downtown is full of). There are also gyms where Trainers battle it out for domination. Gyms are chosen the same way that PokeStops are, based on historical significance.


Why not utilize these wandering customers into revenue for you? Here are some neat ways to do it:

If you don’t play the game:

  1. Give a discount to Pokemon Trainers. Have them show you their smart phone with the app open to confirm. A small discount is all that is needed. Make sure you advertise it on your door.
  2. Create a database of customers by having them show you one of their Pokemon’s CP level, taking down their name and e-mail, and at the end of the day draw a winner to win some sort of prize. Or you can pick a number between 10 and 2000 (CP Levels can go higher so you may want to increase the number based upon the highest CP you receive) and whichever has a CP Level closest to that number gets a prize in their e-mail.
  3. If someone catches a Pokemon in your store, advertise that pictures of Pokemon captured at the store can be e-mailed to you and you will post them on Facebook. Make sure to get their e-mail and Facebook information so you can tag them in the post.

If you play the game:

  1. If you are near a PokeStop, you can purchase things called Lure Modules and you will attract Pokemon to your location. This is great if you are having an event or sale. (HINT: If you own a food truck that works in the History Museum Park & Ride, there are 6 POKESTOPS there that you can drop lures in. Advertise it for your lunch hours). Lure modules cost money, unless you get some from leveling up. It’s also great because when Lure Modules are activated, players in the vicinity will see it on their map and will come flocking to you. Pokemon Hunting builds an appetite.


For more great ideas, check out this blog on Kaufer DMC: Poke-Marketing, the 10 Best Pokemon Go Marketing Ideas We’ve Seen!

Even if you’re not interested in catching all the Pokemon, you have got to be interested in catching all the customers. So go on, Gotta Catch’em All!

Posted on August 2, 2016