The Made in Mariposa Christmas Store Isn’t Just for Shoppers

Dear Mariposa Merchants,

Here’s a secret: the Made in Mariposa Christmas Store isn’t really for shoppers. It’s for you, the retail businesses of Mariposa County.

As you probably know, the Chamber of Commerce isn’t charging Made in Mariposa members to sell their products in our store. 100% of what we collect on their sales, will be distributed back to them. We’re even handling the sales tax and transaction fees. We aren’t charging Made in Mariposa members specifically because we wanted to remove every barrier that might stand in their way of getting their products into the Visitor Center. We want every Mariposa-made product for sale in the store by Christmas, not so that we can make money, but so that we can collect information. Information that will ultimately make you money!

Here’s How

Six months ago, no one would have imagined that so many great products were made in Mariposa County. Since then, we’ve worked diligently to find them all. We’ve attended every local show, made calls and visits and looked under every rock to find every product — no matter how esoteric — made here.

In the last few weeks, we’ve offered as many products for sale as possible in the Made in Mariposa Christmas store. MiM members have set their own retail prices, they’ve dressed up their products to the best of their ability, and many have provided us with a variety of colors and options.

Every single item in the Made in Mariposa Christmas store has a unique SKU and barcode. In addition, we’ve worked hard to not group items by the same manufacturer or product type together. We don’t have a soap section or a section for jewelry. You’ll find photographs by various photographers intermixed.

We’re also keeping a diligent accounting of what has sold, for how much, and how it compares to other competing products.

When the Made in Mariposa Christmas Store closes after Christmas, all of the information that we’ve collected will be shared with you, including what has sold and what hasn’t, what the retail price was, and how many of each sold.

Think of the Made in Mariposa Christmas Store as an experiment for you and your store!

So come in, and browse. The Made in Mariposa Store isn’t just a retail store. It’s a showroom for you!

If you find an item that your retail store absolutely must have, contact the Made in Mariposa manufacturer. Their names are on each of their products, and their contact information is on the website Buy their products wholesale and resell them, or create consignment agreements!

Otherwise, come see me in January!


Dane Carlson, CEO
Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce

PS – For the record, retail is HARD! I commend you all for all of the hard work you put in week after week to make Mariposa a better place to shop!

Posted on December 12, 2016