Mariposa’s Superlatives

Mariposa County can claim:

  • The three tallest waterfalls in North America (Yosemite Falls – 2,425 ft., Sentinel Fall – 2,000 ft., and Ribbon Fall – 1,612 ft.)
  • California’s oldest continuously published weekly newspaper is the Mariposa Gazette. It was started in January 1854.
  • Tallest rock monolith in the US (El Capitan, 3,593 ft.)
  • Large portions of the road to the highest pass in the Sierra Nevada mountains (Tioga, 9,945 feet.)
  • The oldest county courthouse in continuous use west of the Rockies. The Mariposa County Court House opened in 1854.
  • America’s largest canyon Oak – the Jordan Oak – has a trunk diameter of 32.5 feet, then splits into six trunks rising 109 feet into the air. Its age is estimated to be between 300 and 500 years. It is located in Coulterville.
  • To be the largest County with no stop lights – Mariposa County.
  • America’s highest observation platform, Glacier Point is 7,214 feet above sea level and 3,214 feet above the Yosemite Valley floor.
  • Only California county with a mineral (Mariposite) and flower (Mariposa Lily) named after it.
  • The oldest ski area in North America in continuous use (Badger Pass, 1934).
  • John C. Fremont (founding father of Mariposa) was once the largest single land owner in the United States with 44,386 acres. He purchased them for $3,000 on February 10, 1847.
  • Mariposa County is the county with the largest original geographic area. It was 30,000 square miles and is now 1,4555 square miles. It was originally composed of the land from six complete counties and parts of five others.)
  • Mariposa County’s Mount Bullion is home to the Princeton Mine, which at various times was the largest producer in the state.
  • Hite’s Cove, is known by many flower experts to be the best place for wildflower viewing in the United States.
  • Mariposa County is the only county named after an insect. Mariposa means butterfly in Spanish.
  • The largest concentration of giant sequoias, more than 500, are located in the Mariposa Grove
  • Heritage Roses, so called because they were in existence before 1867 are grown in Coulterville
  • Highest known grade of crystalline gold is still mined in Mariposa mines
  • Largest number of wildlife species in California (80 mammals, 247 birds, 24 reptiles and amphibians, 10 species of fish)

Posted on March 30, 2016