Pokemon Sightings – July

All Pokemon were sighted in Mariposa County! If you found any Pokemon, e-mail a picture to kyle@mariposachamber.org. Make sure to include any specifics on your location, particularly if you catch one near a business. For additional flare, add an adventurous tale of how you found him.

Vulpix at Moonbow Espresso!

Apparently even Pokemon need an espresso pick me up first thing in the morning. Didn’t realize a Vulpix needed caffeine like us humans. Found this fellow wanting a sip of my coffee at Moonbow Espresso.



Miner’s Roadhouse 140 has all kinds of patrons coming in looking for a good meal. This little fellow thought my co-worker’s food looked so good she at it out of her hand. This Eevee, as you can see was very friendly, until I grabbed a Pokeball, then she disappeared.


I was seeing sIMG_1023tars at Pizza Factory during lunch. I think he was more interested in the pizza I was eating than the Razzberry I gave him to make him a bit easier to catch.




Posted on July 19, 2016