Water Activities

Mariposa County offers over 60 miles of wild and sceanic river, only 20% of which is located in Yosemite National Park, meaning 80% of our rivers have less restrictions on how you may enjoy your time in the water. For a list of restrictions regarding swimming and rafting in Yosemite National Park click here.

To avoid hassle and get straight to the fun visitors are encouraged to step in the Merced River outside park boundaries along Hwy 140 or drive to Lake McClure / Don Pedro recreation areas.

Swimming in the Merced river can be a cool and relaxing way to take the heat off of summer. Go fishing, river rafting, sun bathing, or gold panning! Just remember to be aware of your surroundings as the mighty Merced River can reach class 4 rapids with strong currents.

And in most locations there is no public toilets or trash receptacles. Please observe wilderness rules for trash and human waste.